Layby (How To)

Q. How do I set up a Layby?
A. Setting up a Layby with us is easy.  Please follow these steps:
1. Please shop as you normally would, add items to your bag, browse around, etc
2. At the Shipping page, write that you would like a Layby into the Extra Delivery Instructions text area
3. On the payment details page, choose Internet Banking as your payment method and submit your order
4. Dont forget to print your receipt as our account information is on it!
5. Start up an automatic payment into our account that will pay off the total within 3 months

Our online layby is a slightly different to an in-store layby.  An online layby does not require an initial deposit of 20%, instead we would like to see that an automatic payment has started OR a deposit of 10% is paid within the first 7 days of submitting your order.

We like to keep our Layby transactions to a length of THREE MONTHS, however if you require more time just let us know and we can help!

The terms for the release of Layby goods are:

• Goods will not be shipped until the order is PAID IN FULL
• Shipments will not be SPLIT to send individual items early

If you have any questions about the Layby system please check this article: